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Programme Leader - Music Industry Management Degree sought. Previous experience essential.


Marketing Manager sought. Previous experience essential.


Streaming & Playlist Manager sought. Previous experience essential.


Licensing Executive sought. Candidates must be confident negotiators.

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I have made a lot of great connections through Mandy Music, and couldn't recommend it highly enough! The site/service is extremely easy to use and is an invaluable resource for the music industry. — Conor O’Brien, Music Professional
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This is an amazing site, especially for those who are recent graduates and don't know how to get into the music industry. — Jonathan Morris, Music Professional
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A fantastic facility and really useful and easy to use. In the never ending Journey of your career this is one site that truly helps get you out there!!! — Robin Payne, Music Professional
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A very useful site, both for finding new jobs and hosting a clean, professional profile of credits. Mandy Music makes all the difference in forging a career in a difficult industry! — Matt Pallant, Music Professional
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Thank you so much for your help. Following a last minute drop out of our booked auditions accompanist, we were able to find a suitable replacement within just 3 hours! — Imagine Theatre, Venue
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Great customer service. — Luke Harman, Music Professional

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